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Please use the form below to apply and pay for a Landing Contract. This form can be used for new or renewals. Please choose the appropriate option.

Landing Card Terms and Conditions

A) General:

  1. The contract applies to Landing Fees charges only. The possession of a Landing Contract conveys no right for airfield parking or other airfield facilities that attract charges by the Airfield Management.

  2. The Airfield Management may apply additional benefits for use on the Landing Card which may be altered, or withdrawn at any time.

  3. The contract is not transferable to other individual(s).

  4. The contract will expire 12 months from the day of purchased. Landings may be claimed on the Landing Card (subject to these terms and conditions) from the date on which the landing card is issued. No refunds will be issued where any portion of the contract is not used.

  5. No more than one landing card contract can be held at any time. Renewal of a landing card will be charged at the rate applicable at the expiry date of the existing landing card contract and will be valid for 12 months from the previous expiry date.

  6. Any abuse of the above terms of the contract will result in cancellation of the contract. The Airfield Management will notify cancellation of a contract in writing. No refunds will be given. The Airfield Management’s decision is final in this respect.

B) Landing Card:

  1. The contract is available for individual PPL holders only and may only be used by that individual operating as P1. Student pilots are not eligible for this contract. It may only be used for private fixed wing aircraft movements not used for hire and reward and not for any other form of commercial undertaking including flying training and maintenance flights unless specified below.

  2. The contract is between a specified individual and the Airfield Management. It may not be used for flights conducted in aircraft that belong to or are operated by a fixed wing aircraft training establishment (based or non-based) used for the purposes of ab-initio training. Post PPL training may only be undertaken where the pilot under instruction / training is the individual in whose name the contract is written.

  3. To benefit from the terms of the contract a valid Contract Landing Card must be presented on landing at the Control Tower Reception. The card must be validated by a staff member. Where a valid Contract Landing Card is not presented, the company reserves the right to charge landing fees at the published rate.

  4. By applying for the Landing Card Contract, compliance with the Airfield Terms and Conditions and operational requirements specified in the Airport’s Pilot Handbook is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in withdrawal by the Airfield Management of the Contract with no refund for any period of contract unused. The Airfield Management’s decision is final in this respect.

  5. The Landing Card Contract allows unlimited landings (including any associated touch and go’s) at City Airport in accordance with these terms.

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