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The use of drones is a very rapidly developing part of the aviation scene adding to model aircraft flyers, and we’re very keen to work with owners /operators to promote their safe and legal use, both in the vicinity of Barton Aerodrome in and in general.


What are the rules?


The Civil Aviation Authority are the regulator responsible for civilian aviation in the UK, as well as manned aircraft this extends to unmanned aircraft of all sizes.

When flying drones and other remotely controlled aircraft, there are specific rules that must be observed. Civil Aviation Authority permission may be required for certain flights depending on where you plan to fly the drone.


Information about safety rules, restrictions and registrations for operators can be found on the CAA website here:


The CAA have published a Drone and Model Aircraft Code to assist users in ensuring flights are conducted safely and legally, without endangering others.


Can I fly close to Barton Aerodrome?

Barton Aerodrome is a 'Protected Aerodrome' with the meaning of the Air Navigation Order and has an ‘Flight Restricted Zone’ (FRZ), – an area of regulated airspace of 2 nautical miles radius around the airfield with further extensions of 5 kilometers by 1 kilometer from the end of each runway, designed to provide protection to aircraft landing and departing from us, (see map below). Within the FRZ, helicopters and aircraft can be expected at heights down to ground level  as they arrive to land or take-off.

Important Information.


In order to ensure compliance with the Air Navigation Order, and to reduce the risk of a drone or other remotely flown aircraft endangering the safety of any manned aircraft, you must not fly a small unmanned aircraft at any height within the red shaded areas, without first gaining approval from us. We will consider your requirements and, where possible we will work with you to ensure your flight can be achieved safely.


The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019 makes it a criminal offence to operate any drone or other remotely controlled aircraft within the Flight Restricted Zone, at any height, at at any time, without our permission.   You must not operate a drone or model aircraft in this area without our express agreement.


Drone flight requests with Barton Aerodrome must be submitted 48 hours in advance. If you have any urgent requirements that sit outside of these parameters, please submit a flight request, and contact us at +44 161 789 1362 during office hours or email

Please note, upon request, you are giving us your consent to share your flight plan(s), together with any personally identifiable information provided within that flight plan, with North West Air Ambulance Charity (Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Limited) and National Police Air Service (West Yorkshire Police).

The operator must adhere to the approved flight plan and any additional conditions stated by Barton Aerodrome.

To submit a drone flight request, you have the following options:

Request to fly by clicking here

Operator Portal by Altitude Angel

Using Altitude Angel's Operator Portal, you can submit your mission details for approval. If you are not already an Altitude Angel user, then by clicking on the link, you will be presented with the option to register for free and then proceed to your new account to submit your mission details.

Please note that if you already have an account with Altitude Angel’s Drone Assist APP, these credentials will also work here. Click here for further information and access to the user guide.

Drone Assist Mobile App by Altitude Angel


Region: UK


Drone Assist is the #1 drone safety app from Altitude Angel in the UK. It provides an interactive map of the sky and is used by general aviation, other airspace users, and drone pilots! It is tailored specifically for the UK audience. It allows you to see areas to avoid or in which extreme caution should be exercised and ground hazards that may pose safety, security or privacy risks when flying your drone.


If you are an existing Altitude Angel user, your user credentials can also be used for both the Drone Assist App and Operator Portal, and vice versa.


Once logged into the App, locate Barton Aerodrome on the interactive Map. Create your mission plan using the in-app technology, which will automatically request approval if the mission plan resides within our FRZ.


For more information on the Altitude Angel’s Drone Assist APP, a user guide can be located within the APP or click here to learn more.


The free app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play store.
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