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The Deck 747

The Deck 747 is the latest on site simulator addition to Manchester Barton Aerodrome. Arriving in 2022, the company made regional headlines when they removed the top deck off of a former British Airways 747-400 and repositioned it from Kemble, in the South-West, into one of our hangars at Barton!

The Deck 747 offer bespoke tours and simulator experiences centred around their main attraction: a real BA 'jumbo jet'; a piece of aviation history. With a highly immersive wrap around screen, you'll be sure to feel like you are really flying the 'queen of the skies'.

The Deck.jpeg
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Manchester Flight Sim Centre

The centre hosts an An A320 and 737 MAX flight simulator which feature genuine avionics and state of the art graphics, whilst their Light Aircraft Simulator has a fully immersive feel and is made from a genuine aircraft body. 

For professional pilots, the centre has an FCU/MCDU trainer by ProSim which is a capable unit for practice and refresher training.

For those with a fear of flying, tailored experiences are available to help you understand how aircraft fly by letting you take command of an airbus A320 simulator with an instructor who can help you to fight your fear.

Gift Vouchers are available for all experiences.

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